What will we bring with us from 2020?

2020: A Loss of Innocence?

A year like no other. Unprecedented. Sort of monotonous? We’ve heard it all. Never before had we felt like we had so much time to do, well, so little. Or felt as if we were under quite so much pressure to use all that supposed free time to change, to grow, to acquire helpful new skills.

In my case, my new-found skills are ones I don’t care too much for. The ability to scenario-plan all the ways you could potentially infect your nearest and dearest in a bid to manage all the various risks involved in 2020’s small permitted social…

Treat Yo’Self & More: Four Ways to Navigate this Winter

We feel this dog’s mood

It’s been a year unlike any other. And with further restrictions coming into place, the challenge now for many of us is finding a way to maintain an even keel over the next few weeks.

Over the summer, making plans and getting dates in the diary proved to be an excellent antidote to pandemic blues. Even better, we had the promise of long evenings and warmer weather to sustain us as we adapted to socialising outdoors and at a distance.

But with IRL meetings off the table for the moment and the brighter evenings fading out, can we recreate that…

Making plans is firmly back on the agenda

At the start of lockdown, we were joined in our escape to the small patch of patio outside our apartment by a never-ending corridor of marching ants. Endlessly busy, this line of small antlered insects streamed around the perimeters of our shared space in an ordered march constantly, providing us with a welcome visual spectacle to while away the hours in the evening while we waited for yet another news update.

Where have all the ants gone?

Of late, the ants have long since departed. Much like the sun. Or perhaps, bound for a brighter future elsewhere. And just like…

Early rising is a challenge when you’re not naturally a morning person

There has been much written across the annals of popular culture about the benefits of life as an early bird. All that productivity! The endless hours that stretch before the rest of the rat-race rises to invest in personal projects and generally bettering oneself. Which can make being a sloth-like creature in the early morning somewhat hard to reconcile with the demands of modern life. And yet here some of us are amidst the most unusual of circumstances. In my case, the past two months saw me slowly slide into my old ways — which are decidedly not in the…

With social activity on hold, video conferencing is becoming the new way to stay in touch

It’s a funny old thing living in quarantine. The daily dread that creeps in as you watch the news, the restless feeling that sweeps over as you contemplate another day of the world revolving around the small space of your home.

But as with everything, the new normal we find ourselves in has thrown up some unexpected benefits. And while eating my way through the uncertainty is emerging as one new must-do activity, so too has engaging with a new world of video conferencing. Of talking to friends and family that you sometimes may only see once a year. …

Finding empty space in a city can be a challenge

There are many ways to feel alone or lonely in a city.

But until this week, I’d never truly understood how difficult it is to carve out space for yourself and avoid unnecessary contact with others in the midst of a city swirl.

Here in Dublin, like many cities across Europe, we are in the midst of the COVID-19 crises, and for the moment, practising social distancing, working remotely and generally staying together, apart.

And our strange new circumstances have prompted me to consider new and diverse ways to stay occupied and active, whilst maintain a requisite distance from friends…

A decade on, what have I learned about working remotely?

As daily life as we know it continues to change and adapt in the face of the Covid-19 crises, many of us are now working remotely.

Now back at my home desk, it struck me Friday that it’s been over a decade since I last worked from home full-time.

Back then, a year of freelancing from the surrounds of my rented kitchen was the envy of friends and family who headed into the office each day. But of course, the proverbial grass as they say, was always greener. With fast reliable smart technology not yet developed — or not yet…

New York Public Library Archive Images

With news this week that History looks set to stay as a core subject (HURRAY) on the Junior Cert — here’s three reasons (of many) why this is truly excellent news.

Learning from our Mistakes

From the slow rolling into international conflicts to the ever-constant search for power amongst core segments of society, history has a lot to teach us. And it applies to the world of business and enterprise as well.

In fact, for many of us who work across new mediums and platforms, history offers practical knowledge and wisdom.

From the world of law to the advertising sector…

I am, as my inner critic often notes with a grimace, without many of the defining features of proper grown-up adult life.

I have yet to re-produce, own a house, or understand the finer details of pension funds.

So far, so snowflake.

But despite my relatively commitment-free existence, my diary remains constantly weighed under by a long list of upcoming appointments — scheduled months in advance to ensure my free time is used productively, in a bid to spend time outside of the office with friends, family and on useful hobbies and pursuits.

So much so, that it’s hard to…

Forty Foot in Dublin remains a perennial favourite

There are few moments that compare.

Which may just be why so many of us make the pilgrimage each and every week to swim in the freezing waters of the Irish Sea.

Here in Dublin, the history of sea-swimming is a storied one. From the appearance of the Forty Foot in James Joyce’s Ulysses to the hardy perennial sea-swimmers, the coast has long held an appeal for locals and visitors alike.

And with open-water swimming winning fans across the globe, the Irish Sea is attracting a whole new generation of sea-swimmers.

Come rain, hail or snow — seldom sun —…

Hannah-Louise Dunne

A fan of brilliant writing, travel, podcasts and great story-telling.

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